How to Choose a Solar Refrigerator for Outdoor Activities

Are you ready for the 2-day family trip? In terms of fresh food, do you know how to keep them fresh and away from decay? The solar refrigerator stands out among hundreds of refrigerators.

Do you know their benefits? Many outdoor enthusiasts have chosen it. Whether it is fishing or camping, they have won the most support.

solar refrigerator

Benefits of solar refrigerators compared with traditional refrigerator

No need for electricity

This is a way to keep the food in your refrigerator fresh through solar energy. They are expanding in recognition due to advancements in lithium-ion electric battery innovation that make it possible for photovoltaic fridges to be light sufficient for portability but keep adequate credit cool down food for hours and even days.

No need for ice

They demand no ice, creating all of them ideal for off-the-grid locations where AC energy is not on call. Is this amazing?

Convenient and portable

It can be taken outdoors to meet the requirements of outdoor parties. You don’t need to go indoors multiple times. They can be put in a car and taken to your camping destination. The 12 volt refrigerator is very suitable for carrying.

Environmental protection and pollution-free

There is no doubt that we use natural resources to achieve our goals. Thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Based on these benefits, I think you can’t wait to choose one to prepare for your weekend trip.

How to choose a solar refrigerator for outdoor activities

Energy efficiency

The biggest benefit of a solar refrigerator is they are ecological and possess a neutral influence on the environment. However, alongside that, many of them are designed to be highly energy-efficient. Consequently, you should watch out for power efficiency scores on the refrigerator that you’ll buy


12v. Solar cells and refrigerators are compatible. Therefore, we recommend that you go out to choose a 12 volt refrigerator because cars or trucks are generally powered by 12v sockets.

LED lighting

Similar to your property refrigerator, search for a photovoltaic fridge that has interior LED lighting fixtures, therefore you won’t stumble around during the night when you’re searching for that last sandwich. A number of the less expensive ones may not possess this feature, thus look at that also.

The number of electric boards required

The lot of solar panels that you need to operate a fridge depends upon its power utilization and the electrical power outcome of your solar powers. For example, a typical photovoltaic refrigerator makes use of concerning 1 kWh a time when operating regularly. Hence, you require solar powers that can generate that energy daily. Normally, you will require approximately 100-150W solar panels for this. You may pick to go for numerous solar powers, or one huge solar power to achieve this.

USB charging port

Envision this: You’re out in the wild, as well as you have chilly cocktails, food items, and a fully-charged smartphone. Solar fridges along with a USB billing slot are not just hassle-free for demanding your laptop pc or even mobile phones but do away with the stress of losing power in the middle of a travel.

If your mobile device has no electricity, you can get it with the help of a solar refrigerator.

The bottom line

Solar refrigerators have many advantages so that outdoor enthusiasts have the best choice. These tips will help your purchase, and at the same time, they can also be more convenient in your outdoor activities.

Solar refrigerators are specially designed for outdoor use, so they need to be more resistant to external blows. Normally, they have a life span of 3-5 years (provided that they are properly maintained), and we all expect them to have the longest life span, so you need to pay attention to them during your use.


The Reasons Why Buy Automatic Door Lock

The probability of apartment theft is higher than that of the company. According to the statistics of the FBI, it is 63%. Therefore, apartment security is very important. An automatic door lock is one of the popular choices of apartment smart door lock.

Nevertheless, according to the preferences of each homeowner, there are many options for automatic door locks. We start from the reasons for investment in an automatic door lock.

Automatic Door Lock

Reasons why automatic door lock is suitable for apartments

Provide security for the apartment

Choosing a smart lock with an automatic door lock system is the most effective way to maintain indoor safety. Even though you are already on the way to work, you suddenly remember that the door of your house is unlocked. Turning on your mobile phone to lock the door remotely can solve the trouble of returning home.

Very convenient

Unlocking and removing locks are all fully automatic, so it is very convenient for the homeowner to enter and leave the house. This can save office workers a lot of time.

Good flexibility

A magnet sensor is installed inside the automatic door lock, which can be judged based on some relevant information so that the door can be opened and closed in the shortest time, which many locks cannot do.

Excellent quality

Because we have to go in and out frequently, the quality of the parts of its induction switch door must be particularly good. When your door lock is broken, an alarm system will be triggered.

Automatic door lock options

We are surprised by the function of the smart door lock, which can also provide additional options. You can choose the one you like for yourself or your family from many professional choices.

Biometric technology

Biometric technology is designed for iris, fingerprints, veins, etc. Using fingerprints to identify home door locks is the most widely used. Using them can prevent someone from stealing your password and entering your home.

Digital door lock

Digital door locks with keyboards are an alternative to smart locks. Set a password that everyone in the family knows, but don’t set a personal or relative’s birthday as the password to open the door. In this era, our personal information is public. Therefore, we also recommend that you change your password frequently.

Access them via smartphone

This is the target function of most smart door locks. Remote operation allows children after school, distant friends, and parents to enter the room. No need to worry about finding the key hidden in a corner. This is an ideal choice for family safety.

Things you need to consider


Inevitably, smart locks provide a more secure system, so smart locks avoid ordinary door locks at higher prices. Depending on the brand, quality, material, and function, you can find a smart door lock that you can afford.

Unlock method

Determining a safe unlocking method is a way to get rid of the troubles of multiple choices. For example, if you need a digital lock, you can exclude other types. You only need to spend time on this type of smart lock.

Ease of installation

You’ll additionally want to examine the convenience of setup for your wise padlock. Make certain you know whether you’re getting yourself into a difficult venture or even a realistic one.

Using this relevant information at hand, you’re all set to determine whether a smart lock is right for your loved ones. Being the best equipped you may be is essential to creating residence protection selections for your family members. Is it a brilliant smart lock for you?

By and large, automatic door locks can be included in the necessary options for apartment security, they can make the owner feel safe. If you want to make your apartment safer in an efficient and economical way, smart locks are a project that must be invested in.


The Reason Why Cup Mask is Shaped

Cup shape masks are also commonplace in life, and the wearer feels comfortable when using them. Are you curious why this type of mask has a fixed shape?

This is actually related to a material, although we know that non-woven fabric is one of the important materials, we are not talking about non woven face mask today. Well, this article will tell you the answer of the important material.

So let’s start.

cup shape mask

What are the inner and outer layers of the cup mask?

At present, cup-shaped masks are generally three-layered. In addition to melt blown cloth, there is also a styling material-needle-punched cotton that few people know. Needle-punched cotton is used in the inner and outer layers of cup-shaped masks, which can play a role in shaping, dust-proofing, and initial filtering.

The cup-shaped mask relies on a pre-molded structural support material needle-punched cotton, which has the advantages of not being easy to collapse and easy to maintain its shape. Although the structure of the cup-shaped mask is simple, it is not easy to use. If it is to be truly effective, it must be used correctly, including the way of wearing it and the shape of the person’s face to choose a mask. The cup mask is a kind of mask with very good airtightness. It is suitable for the general public. The size can be made according to the model of the mask manufacturer. It has good dustproof, protective and anti-virus effects.

Cup masks are generally composed of three layers of materials. The materials are:

2 layers of needle-punched cotton, one layer of meltblown cloth, and 2 layers of needle-punched cotton are generally used for the inner and outer layers to block harmful gases, odors, and flying. The role of foam in and out of the wearer’s nose and mouth.

Needle-punched cotton has a certain filtering effect on the air entering the lungs. When respiratory infectious diseases are prevalent, when working in dust and other polluted environments, wearing a cup-shaped mask made of needle-punched cotton also has a certain dust blocking effect.

What is needle-punched cotton?

Needle-punched cotton is made of PET fiber through acupuncture process. It has the characteristics of light weight and easy shaping, so it can support the cup-shaped mask well. It is used in n95 cup mask filtering, easy to shape material, and can support N95 cup mask well. Plus, needle-punched cotton can be cut, hot-pressed and punched into different styles, and can be used in different sizes of N95 cup masks. It can be made into an arch shape, which can not only ensure a good fit with the face shape, but also reserve a certain space at the non woven face mask, which is comfortable to wear.

What are the benefits of masks made by needle-punched cotton?

Needle-punched cotton is also a protective filter material, which has the advantages of low resistance, light weight, large capacity, environmental protection (can be burned), and moderate price. Also: filtration, cleaning, strong moisture resistance, stable quality, large dust holding capacity, long service life and so on. It is the core material of cup-shaped masks.

Needle-punched cotton is used as the shaping material for cup-shaped masks, which is more comfortable to wear, breathable and moisture-proof. At the same time, the edge of the mask can better fit the face, forming a closed space, which can block the input of dust and viruses.

Can hot-air cotton be used as a mask?

Yes, the hot-air cotton material can be used to make folding masks. Masks made of hot-air cotton have the following characteristics:

  • Good warmth and protection effect
  • Great flexibility
  • Pondo high
  • Soft texture
  • Good breathability and water permeability

In general, hot-air cotton has the functions of heat preservation, heat insulation, moisture-proof and moisture-proof.

cup shape mask

The difference between cup shape mask and folding mask

Yes, they are usually compared, so it is inevitable that you are entangled between the two. This is completely unnecessary, because you can make a good choice if you know the main difference between them. The cup-type mask has a better fit and tightness to the human face and is not easy to carry; the foldable mask is easy to store and carry.

According to the above tips, I believe you have already made clear the difference between these two masks. It is amazing to know this material! Isn’t it? 


How to Use Face Cream Rightly to Keep Skin Healthy

It is very important to keep your face hydrated, which will make your skin look good. After our daily skin care, remember to apply facial cream, which is a key step to lock facial moisture and protect the skin from environmental damage.

Many people choose face cream set to separate morning and evening creams. Do you know the difference between day and night creams?

It is also very important to apply them correctly. I think everyone is willing to apply the cream in the right way.

apply face cream

Face cream

Normally, there are day cream and night cream cream in face cream set. Of course, depending on the function, there are others, such as anti-aging, whitening, etc. But here, we don’t cover it, we focus on the cream, day and night cream. So, going on.

Benefits of using face cream

The following are important reasons:

  • Lock skin moisture and moisturize
  • Protection from environmental damage (ultraviolet rays, weather)
  • Improve skin condition
  • The foundation of natural makeup
  • Get soft and smooth skin

Day cream (sun protection)

Vitamin C. It brightens skin layer, evens skin color as well as improves cell melanin to defend coming from the sunlight.

Sun screen lotion. Try to find a lotion with long-acting sunscreen. This suggests a sun security variable (SPF) of 15 or much higher.

Night cream (moisturizing and repairing)

Sleeping is a very good time to moisturize and repair the facial skin. We recommend that you choose a night cream that contains these ingredients:

Retinols. This vitamin A by-product is anti-aging and aids with alright lines, creases and brown places. It may level and lighten your skin tone. Yet beware, this non-prescription substance is highly effective as well as can create inflammation. Start with an extremely small amount three times a full week as well as increase as put up with. If you possess sensitive skin layer, be specifically cautious.

Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAS) and also beta-hydroxy acids. These agents are actually comprised of citric and various other fruit acids and also are good for dull or ash-colored appearing skin layer. They delicately exfoliate and soften skin as well as aid the lotion to penetrate your skin layer.

Hyaluronic acid (HA). This ingredient takes in moisture to plump your skin layer and also helps with great lines, wrinkles and skin layer pigment problems.

Vitamin E. This antioxidant hydrates skin layer and also lightens skin.

Resveratrol. An anti-oxidant that helps with tension.

Do not choose creams with these ingredients

Oily and acne-prone skin are not suitable for waxes, oils and petrolatum. They can clog your pores.

Sensitive muscles. Salicylic acid will irritate the skin.

Fragrances and perfumes. They can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.

Retinoic acid. This anti-aging ingredient that can irritate your skin.

Methylparabens/parabens. These cosmetic preservatives can cause allergic reactions and block your pores.

Although it is a natural cream, there are some ingredients that you can’t accept (allergic). So be sure to check the instructions on the product carefully.

What ingredients should be chosen for sensitive and dry skin

Know your skin type

Before you choose them, I think you already know your skin condition very well. If you still don’t know or are not sure, this article is really helpful: How to Determine Your Skin Type from wikiHow. We recommend choosing creams that contain these ingredients.

Must contain ingredients

Ceramides. These are actually all-natural proteins in the external levels of the skin layer that always keep dampness in and safeguard skin from ecological contaminants. Much older and vulnerable skin has a tendency to possess much less ceramides.

Glycerin. An organic humectant (emollient) that repair services skin.

Lactic acid. An exfoliant that removes the outer coating of dead skin tissues, enabling emollients to a lot better infiltrate the skin layer.

Press the product out of television, starting at the first fold or even junction on your index finger as well as ending at the fingertip. The fingertip unit may certainly not be actually utilized with serums as well as creams.

Pro tip: Don’t apply very oily creams to dry skins.

apply face cream

Steps to apply cream correctly

Wash your face

Mix clean water with facial cleanser to remove dirt and sweat from the face. If you put on makeup, you need to clean it with a makeup remover and then use a facial cleanser.

Apply cream

After washing your face, you need to apply lotion one by one. Don’t wait for them all to dry, apply the cream in order, so that it can lock the moisture on the face. After applying, pat the face until dry.

Important tips

  • Clean hands before applying skin care products
  • Choose a cream that suits your skin
  • Apply cream every day, even though you have no plans to apply cream
  • Do not leave skin care products or cosmetics in the bathroom, as water will spread bacteria when it enters.
  • Face cream set, the effect is better together

How much cream do I need

The right amount of cream can keep the skin healthy. We use a simple measurement method, Fingertip Unit. Almost everyone will directly take the amount of skin care products with their hands instead of using teaspoon. So this is also the easiest way. The amount you need is about five-millimeter nozzle (standard- size of an adult’s hand)

Squeeze the product out of the tube, starting at the first crease or joint on your index finger and ending at the fingertip. The fingertip unit cannot be used with serums and lotions.

You need 1.0 FTUs when apply it on face.

The best time to apply

Day cream and night cream should be applied after washing your face. If it is a night cream, it can be applied after the bath and when the skin is dry. Because the blood circulation of the skin is good, the absorption efficiency of skin care products is also higher.

Final thoughts

Users need to choose the correct face cream(set) according to their skin type, which is more targeted and effective, please list the cream set into your daily skin care products.

Your skin will look healthy since facial skin contains moisture. Plus, using the cream in the right amount can make our skin lock in moisture and make makeup more natural. So, implement these tips mentioned above to make your face better.


Some Questions about Horizontal Thick Carpet Cleaners

The widespread use of vacuum cleaners has brought great convenience. After daily work, you can clean room easily with cleaner. Especially the dust in some corners and thick carpets is not easy to clean and difficult to clean. Using thick carpet cleaner can easily clean the corners of the room and the dust and debris on the carpet.

There may be doubted when using them, where did the garbage go? Do I need to clean up the rubbish after use? As the thick carpet cleaner supplier, today, we want to share these with you. The other part of the content is about the future of vacuum cleaners. Some are still trying to choose this industry.

thick carpet cleaner

Where did the trash sucked by the vacuum cleaner go?

The garbage sucked into the vacuum cleaner is accumulated in the bag machine, and the air purified by the filter is discharged from the vacuum cleaner while cooling the motor. The motor is the heart of the vacuum cleaner, and its performance can directly affect the reliability of the vacuum cleaner.

How to clean the dust bag after use?

The dust bag should be cleaned after use. It is recommended to blow the dust off with air blower. Because the dust bag is full of dust and it is not cleaned in time, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner will be significantly reduced, which will cause blockage and weaken the suction power over time. Due to the weakening of the suction power, the vacuum cleaner is prone to blockage at the bends of the suction corners, elbows and hose joints, which will eventually cause the machine to malfunction. The dust bag should be kept absolutely dry when in use. If the dust bag is to be cleaned, it must be completely dried before it can be used again.

When removing the dust bag, be sure to move gently, and do not use brute force to pull it out; when cleaning the dust bag, avoid damage to the dust bag; when installing the dust bag, install it in place. If it is not fully installed in place, it is extremely It may malfunction.

Can I not clean the dust bag?

If you want to spend extra money, this is okay.🙂

I don’t think anyone is willing to pay extra, so we recommend that you choose a bagless vacuum cleaner, because the bagless vacuum cleaner is filtered by a filter element or separated by a cyclone to remove dust. The dust falls into the dust box or dust bucket and is directly poured into the water for washing. Yes, it saves the trouble of cleaning the dust bag and purchasing the dust bag, and also saves your expenses.

What’s the future of vacuum cleaner?

Companies and enterprises need to continuously upgrade their products to bring a good experience, Brocvas is such one.

Affected by the outbreak of the “home economy” during the epidemic, the scale of retail sales of the vacuum cleaner industry has grown rapidly this year. Compared with the steady development of sweeping robots, hand-held push rod vacuum cleaners are slightly more difficult. In terms of technology, suction is still the core function of each product. The subdivision functions like foldable push rod, screen display and other functions can increase convenience.

Motor configuration

The built-in motor of the vacuum cleaner determines its vacuuming effect. According to the type, it can be divided into brushless motor and brush motor. The noise of the brushless motor is smaller, the power is stronger, and the suction force generated is greater, and it can suck a large amount of dust impurities at one time.

Brush head configuration

It is more convenient for users to clean small and complicated sanitary areas, and it is more targeted and flexible. It can be cleaned smoothly even in high and low positions. Now the home layout is more complex and diverse, and the brush head configuration should be abundant.

Do you need a professional vacuum cleaner supplier to solve the troubles of your home life? We will provide you with good solutions according to your ideas. Any interests, you can call us at (+86 13625277978) or mail us by (

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The Definitive Guide to Cycling Sunglasses

Cycling sunglesses

In cycling, people always pay more attention to the large areas of skin exposed to the air and sunlight, so eyes are naturally ignored. Cycling sunglasses for sports can prevent insects, dust and debris from entering the eyes one of the best defenses, but also withstand ultraviolet radiation.

However, choosing them is not an easy task. There are many factors to consider when choosing cycling sunglasses: design, color, size, material, etc. This guide can help you find the most suitable sunglasses from one of many a cycling sunglasses sports supplier.

Now start to spend minutes reading our guide.


Rimmed or rimless. Rimmed glasses simply indicate the glasses possess a framework around all of them and also rimless glasses do not. Pretty straightforward; now for why that is very important.

If you’re mainly a street biker or even a mountain cyclist, rimmed glasses will definitely satisfy you just penalty. Having said that, if you’re a specialized opportunity difficulty rider or triathlete, obtain a pair of rimless glasses. The shortage of a framework on the leading of the lens aids improve visibility while using in a vigorous aero setting.

Lens color

The color of the lens can prevent ultraviolet rays and filter harmful light, so the difference in color, absorption and filtering effects are also different. In addition, you also need to choose according to your own riding environment.

Black lenses are suitable for strong light, such as use under noon light, and have good effects on anti-ultraviolet rays, filtering out glare and harmful light.

Purple lenses: reduce the degree of visible light entering the eyes, without affecting the clarity of vision.

Colorless lenses are ideal for foggy or gray weather. At the same time, they are mostly used to block wind and rain and reduce the chance of eye conjunctivitis.

If the day of travel is foggy or visibility is not high, please choose blue lenses.

Red-orange lenses are the best, which can make the surrounding terrain become more clear.

Yellow lenses are suitable for use in dimly lit conditions and at night, and the sharpness can be improved by increasing the contrast.

Plated reflective lenses are necessary for highland riding, and are useful in snowy areas or high-light and strong ultraviolet areas.

The color-changing lens will automatically change the color according to the environmental color temperature to adapt to the use of different environments.

YJ7046 cycling sunglasses


Glasses that are too loose will slip off, but too tight can cause discomfort. So choose the right size. Our company discover that structures along with straight-back holy places are your best option for superior safety helmet being compatible. Straight-back holy places will certainly additionally enable you to perfectly clear away as well as change your frameworks when needed to have.


The material of the cycling glasses must be flexible, resistant to pressure and impact, so that if you fall while riding a bicycle, you will not hurt your eyes because of the broken glasses. Generally speaking, resin lenses have good elasticity and strength, and are light in texture; please make sure they are made of sports performance materials.

Tips for judging the quality of lenses

Shake it in front of your eyes. If the object and the lens move together, it means that the mirror surface is not flat and it is not a good lens.

Ordinary sunglasses can replace cycling sunglasses?

This is the wrong idea, absolutely

The design of sunglasses is not suitable for sports and will cause the frame to slide or even fall during riding.

Sunglass lenses generally have no anti-fogging function, and it is easy to cause lens blur in hot and cold weather, which may cause danger.

Compared with cycling glasses, ordinary sunglasses do not have the function of preventing wind and foreign objects from entering the eyes.

How to choose cycling sunglasses for myopia?

Inevitably, you need to wear contact lenses. If you really can’t adapt it, fine, you don’t need to worry since there are other nice ways.

Wearing contact lenses is the most convenient and economical way. If you are not used to it, it is best to choose daily invisible. Keeping a clear line of sight is the most important thing.

The optical lens is embedded in the lens of the cycling glasses that use special sports optical lenses, its curvature and safety performance are compatible with cycling glasses, and have the covering properties of goggles lenses. For riders who are not accustomed to wearing contact lenses, riding glasses with optical lenses will It is a more adaptable and comfortable method, but the price is relatively expensive, and there is also a limit on the degree of myopia.

Now there are also helmet-types. Riders can wear myopia glasses directly, and then wear the goggles that come with the helmet. This method is not only easy to operate, but also does not have the discomfort of wearing contact lenses. In terms of price, it is not as high as custom-made myopic cycling glasses, and ordinary riders can accept it.


Some option in this guide may not be all suitable for you, but it can provide you with some help. Wearing high-quality cycling glasses every time can protect your eyes to the utmost extent. You can make your final decision combining the suggestion from a professional cycling sunglasses sprots supplier and this guide.


Quick Guide On Trimming Eyebrows

Getting rid of messy eyebrows is the first step of good eyebrow shape. So, you need to use some necessary tools, such as eyebrow scissors, eyebrow cutter or eyebrow pencil with blade, etc.

This is a nice investment, a combination of eyebrow pencil and micro blade. Whether you have sparse eyebrows, uneven arches or no eyebrows at all, you can use microblading eyebrow pencil. You can find many a microblading eyebrow pencil factory online

Let’s turn our attention to eyebrow trimming first, which is what everyone cares about most.

Microblading eyebrow pencil factory

Tips and tricks of eyebrow trimming

Trim off the miscellaneous hairs between the eyebrows.

Recognize the shape of your face, use an eyebrow pencil to outline it, and then use an eyebrow cutter to shave off the eyebrows outside the outline. (The face shape is discussed in the second half of the article)

Shave the upper end of the eyebrows clean.

Use the eyebrow comb to comb the eyebrows along the direction of eyebrow combing.

Trim over-long eyebrows with eyebrow scissors.

Use a comb to comb, and then carefully trim off the eyebrows that come out of the comb. Pay attention to a certain distance between the comb and the skin, otherwise it is easy to have gaps.

Finish perfectly!


The direction of using the eyebrow cutter should follow the growth direction of the eyebrows to shave the eyebrows, otherwise it may hurt the face and skin.

Which eyebrow shape is suitable for your face (girls)

Longer face

Flat eyebrows is best for people whose face shape is long. Do not make the eyebrows too thin, because the eyebrows that are too thin make it difficult to get close to each other; and for girls with long faces, you can trim the eyebrows appropriately to make the eyebrows more layered, and gradually grow from the eyebrows to the eyebrows, which can modify the face.

Rounder face

Why not choose angular eyebrows? It helps make the face more three-dimensional; in terms of color, girls with a rounder face should choose a brown color system instead of too light eyebrows. Plus, you must highlight the three-dimensional arc of the eyebrow peak to immediately lengthen the face proportion.

Thin face

For girls with a thin face, the eyebrows should not be too three-dimensional, otherwise the face will become more angular and gaunt and thin, and the disadvantage of a sunken face will become more apparent. So if your face is skinny and thin, you should try to make your eyebrows slightly curved, and emphasize the color of the eyebrows to extend your face outwards and make your face look fuller.

More angular

This face shape refers to the high cheekbones and flat chin. This kind of face shape is most suitable for curved eyebrows, but it should be noted that the eyebrow curvature should not be raised too much. Eyebrow pencils for hair color will create a softer face.


Master the above-mentioned eyebrow trimming tricks in accordance with your own face shape, and use microblading eyebrow pencil which is long-lasting and waterproof, allowing you to get a natural makeup look. Moreover, they are easy to remove makeup, and the eyebrow gel can be easily removed by using makeup remover or cleansing oil.

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Reasons to Invest in Security Door Lock System(New)

You are very busy, and you may be likely to loss your keys in one place. This greatly reduces the safety of the home. In addition, the traditional door lock will be exposed to the risk of thieves. But, the security door lock system can solve this trouble.

In order to obtain a more secure guarantee, increasing people have joined this project. The reason why they have invested in this project is that they are already very aware of the benefits of smart door locks, which are long-term benefits.

If you don’t knows these benefits yet, you must scroll to see them now.

security door lock system OEM

security door lock system OEM

Benefits #1  Smart security door lock system

Safety and security door hair bodies work together to ensure the protection of your firm’s physical premises.

Benefits #2 High security

The biggest advantage is that it can not be pried open. That’s considering that they use two amounts of biaxial essential cutting, which make tilted slices inside the lock that are really challenging to force free through choosing the hair. Consequently, your company can avoid costs related to fraud, which may be monetarily crippling.

Of course, a pick-resistant lock is actually no make use of if a determined burglar can simply punch the shut out of its property. That’s why all the absolute most secure door padlocks feature drill insusceptible real estates, which prevent the locks coming from being actually gotten rid of coming from the doors. Not just does this feature reduce theft, yet it additionally suggests you won’t deal with the expense of switching out harmed hairs with new ones to re-secure the home after a sought burglary.

Benefits# 3 Customize your security door locks

If you possess particular criteria for your door hair unit, that doesn’t suggest you can’t take advantage of one of the most protected door locks on the marketplace. Eseye offers an extremely customizable security system that could be customized to meet your organizational necessities . If you need to get various sites, you may also personalize each device to satisfy the particular needs of the individual workplace. Through customizing your vital control to suit the physical security necessities of your company and separate facilities, you can easily enhance your day- to-day vital management as well as security.

You can get the security door lock system from the following door locks

Face smart door locks are the most popular choice recently, because they do have many exciting reasons. This article can let you know more clearly What Can We Get from Face Smart Door Locks. We support wholesale face smart door locks with security door lock system. In addition, digital locks are also one of the popular choices for many families.

How to choose between smart lock and digital lock

If you just yearn for the ease of certainly not possessing physical keys along with you, an digital lock will definitely be adequate. Relying on the access settings and components on call, you are going to have the capacity to open your nail down an assortment of ways and possess helpful features like assisting you immediately latch your door when the door finalizes.

Smart locks are a boost coming from that and are actually for those who desire to utilize their smart device as a key. If you frequently possess guests or part-time cleaning services popping in, a smart lock serves to deliver access to your residence also when you are away.


Many smart locks with security systems are designed to meet your life needs, provide you with security and convenience. Faced with multiple choices of smart locks, you may need advice from some construction experts to assist you in realizing this value-for-money investment. If you have difficulty choosing, so without further ado, now ask your home safety experts.​

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5 Differences Between Household and Car Refrigerator

Car refrigerator provides great possibilities for travelers and drivers to enjoy the coolness at any time.

You may need to stay in the car for a long time due to a long trip, especially in the hot summer, we need to put more food in the car refrigerator to keep them fresh.

Many people try to install household refrigerators in their cars because the capacity of their car refrigerators is not large enough. This approach is wrong. As a car refrigerator exporter, now we will tell you from 5 differences.

best car refrigerator

Difference #1 Power

Household refrigerators need to be connected to 220V alternating current to be used normally, while car refrigerators can be used by connecting a cigarette lighter to the car. When the car is turned off, the battery will continue to supply power to the refrigerator. At this time, the battery protection can ensure that enough power is retained in the battery to ensure the normal ignition of the car, thereby protecting the safety of the battery.

Difference #2 Seismic performance

The car is constantly vibrating during driving, and good anti-vibration and anti-shake performance can ensure the normal use of the car refrigerator. The anti-vibration performance of the car refrigerator is very good, the internal components can operate normally on bumpy roads, while the anti-vibration performance of the household refrigerator is much worse.

Difference #3 The size is different

Household refrigerators are huge in size and volume, generally around 150-250L, which can store a large number of food items. The car refrigerator is small in size, generally around 5-50L, and can only be used to store a small amount of food items.

Difference # 4 Electromagnetic Interference Capability

There are many kinds of electronic products in the car, and various electromagnetic interference will affect the normal operation. When the electronic control module of the car refrigerator is working, it does not interfere with the electromagnetic interference of other electronic products in the car, and it will not affect the normal use of the car battery. Household refrigerators have relatively large power and have certain electromagnetic interference capabilities, which will affect the operation of electrical appliances.

Difference #5 Anti-falling protection

When the inclination angle of the compressor is too large, continuous work will cause damage to the compressor and affect its service life. Household refrigerators generally cannot be tilted, as long as a certain angle of tilt occurs, the compressor will stop working. When the car refrigerator is in use, a slight tilt will not affect the normal operation. When the tilt reaches 45° or more, it will automatically stop working to protect the compressor.

I think you have given up on installing household refrigerators in your car. Once you get your ultimate car refrigerator, you should not wait to try to install them. You can install it according to your purpose. The following methods can help you.

Installation method

In the middle of the front seat of the car as an armrest box: this type of installation generally needs to be installed in a car modification shop. Some car manufacturers can directly configure a customized version of the car refrigerator.

In the middle of the rear seat of the car as an armrest box: first fix the car refrigerator in the middle of the rear seat. It is better to choose a car refrigerator with a seat belt fixing groove design. A seat belt can be passed through and can be easily fixed or removed. , Far better than the ordinary car refrigerator that needs to be fastened and fixed.

In the trunk of the car: check whether the trunk of the car has a power jack firstly, and confirm whether the power supply is 12V or 24V (some car refrigerators only support 12V power supply, and some support 12V/24V blind plugging). The tail box has a power jack. Put the car refrigerator directly in the tail box and connect the power cord to the jack. In addition, some car refrigerator manufacturers provide a fixed base for the car refrigerator, and the car refrigerator can also be fixed in the rear trunk. If the car’s rear trunk does not have a power jack, you can choose to install a power jack or directly connect the power cord from under the car seat to the cigarette lighter (when buying a car refrigerator, it’s best to measure the trunk to the point. The length of the cigarette holder depends on whether the length of the power cord attached to the car refrigerator is sufficient, and it is necessary to purchase an extension cord).

Built-in installation in the rear of the car: this type of installation is generally completed in car modification shops, and the design requirements for car refrigerators are high. Different models need to choose suitable car refrigerators for special cars. 

Place directly on the seat or under the seat: directly connect the power cord to the car cigarette lighter, and place the car refrigerator above or below the car seat. It is recommended to fix the car refrigerator to avoid potential safety hazards, especially avoid slipping or tipping to injure passengers when the road is bumpy.

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Household refrigerators are undoubtedly different from vehicle-mounted refrigerators. Car refrigerators are specially designed for road design and power supply. Meanwhile, there will be many options on our website, you can also directly ask our car refrigerator experts. Of course, picking the best one will take up you much time. Fortunately, you did not continue to be torn between the two through this article. Now is to wait for them and then implement our method to install your refrigerator.


Tips and Tricks to Install Sensor Switch Rightly

Sensor switches are a more commonly used method in smart switches, but installing them requires certain skills, such as location and safety issues.

Now start to use the installation method and precautions given to you in this article to ensure correct installation and safety issues.

wholesale sensor switch

Sensor switch installation tips

The light with sensor switch is on when a person coming and no one is off. Compared with the traditional switch lights, the induction switch has the characteristics of energy saving and power saving, and convenient to use. It is also because of this that the property wholesale sensor switch can save costs. The first step to use them is to install them. Now look at the installation process of the sensor switch.


Connect the human body sensor switch to the LED light, connect the sensor switch N and L terminals to the LED light, and then connect the human body sensor switch to the power cord. It can be powered off and ready to be fixed.


Adjust the set screw on the induction switch to enable the magnetic induction switch to be smoothly guided into the cylinder installation groove, then adjust the induction switch to an appropriate position, and then tighten the set screw.

Function setting

(1) Light control: the working illuminance value can be adjusted in the range of 2-2000LUX, the working illuminance value is about 2LUX when turned to the end counterclockwise, and the working illuminance value is about 2000LUX when turned to the end clockwise.

(2) Delay setting: the induction delay range is 8 seconds to 12 minutes, the delay of turning to the end counterclockwise is 8 seconds, and the delay of turning clockwise to the end is 12 minutes.

(3) Detecting distance setting: The sensing distance range is 1 meter radius-8 meters radius. When turning to the end counterclockwise, the detection distance is small (about 1 meter radius), and when turning to the end clockwise, the detection distance is larger (about 8 meters radius).

Power on

It can be powered on and used after the setting is completed,.

What to pay attention to when installing

Be patient. There will be an initialization time of 1-2 minutes when the power is turned on for the first time, so please wait patiently.

Do not use it beyond the power range.

Avoid the installation location close to spaces with air conditioners, electric fans, etc., because hot or cold air will cause false alarms for infrared sensors and sensor modules, so it is not suitable to install infrared sensors and sensor modules in places with large air flow.

Don’t get close to radios, walkie-talkies, antennas and other equipment with large electromagnetic radiation. Because electromagnetic radiation will interfere with the infrared sensor switch, the sensor switch produces frequent false alarms, not to mention the waste of electricity, it will also reduce the service life of the sensor switch.

When installing the intelligent sensor switch and sensor module, try to avoid direct sunlight or install it in the wind vent, try to stay away from the light bulb or heat source, otherwise it is easy to cause unrecognition.

Try to install in a place where the sensing area is relatively open, and should not be blocked, otherwise the sensing distance and range will be affected.

When installing, pay attention to the direction of people walking as far as possible perpendicular to the irradiation direction of the infrared sensor switch, and the sensitivity of moving along the irradiation direction of the infrared sensor switch.

Sensing module installation: the light control components should not be close to the place with the light source, the sensing probe should be installed at 90 degrees from the light source surface, and the sensing probe should be 2-3cm away from the light source surface in the horizontal direction.

You’d better install it combine the instruction and the tricks we provided when install our sensor switch. By considering these precautions, they can be used immediately after you install them. If you want a variety of sensor switches, you can visit our website: